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THNGS AS THEY ARE Newsletter by Greg Reid - JUNE of 2022

Things As They Are Newsletter from Greg Reid of Youthfire! ministries

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

I’m finally caught up on things and able to get this newsletter out on time. Praying that you are well and staying strong in Jesus. The challenges ahead for the Western Church are enormous, the compromises increasing every day and the saints that remain having to fortify themselves like never before. 
I know I have said this before, but I am still so struck by Jesus’ words, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith in the earth?” It is an open-ended question we all must answer. My heart cry has been, “find faith in me, Lord Jesus!” Believers are being tested in extraordinary ways in these times. May God give us the faith to stand no matter what.

I recently helped with a telethon at our local Christian TV station and met a gentleman who works for a ministry called Good Fight. (
They produced a series on the dangers of satanic rock music way back in the 80’s that were extremely helpful in exposing the evils behind much of the music during that time. I learned that they have undertaken to do a new series about the Marvel/DC superhero movie and comic empire, and it is quite explosive.

I didn’t realize how deeply enmeshed so many of the writers and directors and even actors were in the Luciferian occult world. I recommend their DVD to you called Marvel and DC’s War on God: The Antichrist Agenda. You can rent or buy it at
I especially recommend it for youth pastors or those who work with youth. The Marvel/DC superheroes have practically replaced God in our era, and once you know what is behind them, it is easier to expose the truth behind it.
NOTE from James: It occurred to me several years ago that just as the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, the Chinese, and practically every other major ancient culture had a pantheon of the gods (and demi-gods), so too does America: in the form of these superheroes - you can practically match up these superhuman beings with a pagan culture counterpart!

This pantheon of the gods is a direct copy of what we read in GENESIS 6, regarding the nephilim - this bizarre human-angelic hybrid race that were not just giants, but "mighty men of renown" - read that, superheroes! - that are in opposition to YHWH as they are part of Satan's kingdom of darkness!
The horrible mass murder in Uvalde Texas shook us all up, and it's barely comprehensible how someone could just kill innocent children like that.

In all the political clamor on both sides, both are missing essential truths, and looking for wrong answers. The general outcry is now that these murders happen because we have a mental health crisis in our country

That’s not it at all

We have a spiritual crisis, and one that has been in progress for decades now. James was very clear about this: “…when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin; and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” (JAMES 1:15
Sin is a regressive disease, and once allowed in begins to grow, mutate, metastasize, and eventually kill. We have allowed the rot of sin to grow increasingly unchecked for many decades now. 
You know the story:
Remove prayer from school, legalize abortion, swing wide open the door to occultism, eastern mysticism, and drugs; then attack, one layer at a time, human God-given sexuality.

What is left? 
A generation that cannot define what a woman is, that ingests every drug imaginable, that soaks in multiple hours of occult practices through music and media, that has no moral compass, that has no faith in the idea of an intact home, that is being glutted with violent movies and even more violent rap music, that is incapable of speaking without volumes of profanity pouring out, and that the church has lost the ability to speak to or reach because she has become so compromised and afraid of confrontation with this wicked world.

And what do you get? Not “mental health” challenged people, but rather lost, demonized, out of control and dangerously unpredictable people.

In the long run, why are we so surprised at the mass shootings? I don’t mean to be callous, but when that young man in Uvalde decided to murder innocent children, he was a product of a culture and world that glorifies violence and makes it seem like a videogame, turns people into computer avatars, and a mind that has learned his whole life that abortion is not murder but eliminating an inconvenience. 

Our culture exemplifies the scripture that speaks of those whose conscience is seared with a hot iron, beyond feeling (1 TIM 4:2). You can use all the psych drugs you want, put people through thousands of hours of talk therapy in our world where secular therapists have replaced God as the High Priest/Priestess of the New World Order, and give them all the creature comforts they would ever desire, and the result would not change – a Christ-less soul who has no regard for other lives.
Our only hope before Jesus’ return is to return to our first call – the Gospel of Jesus – unchanged, undiluted, and unfettered. 
I was thinking the other day about the now-closed down “PTL” Club, and I thought, I’d like to repurpose that: 

 “Power, Truth, and Love.” Those are the things that make the Gospel life-changing. The power of God to change lives (ROM 1:16), brought through the truth of the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus that gives eternal life through repentance and forgiveness of sins (EPH 1:13; ROM 6:23; 2 COR 7:10), and the love of God that reaches into the darkest, most demonic places and hearts to bring hope (TITUS 3:4-6). 
Lord, restore this to us!

The entire LGBTQ+ movement is slowly whittling away at the last vestiges of godly sexuality as more and more parents are yielding to candy-coated sparkly drag queen culture and allowing them to sexualize their children.
All of this is a dream come true to the hundreds of thousands of pedophiles and child abusers out there that are watching an entire generation of children being conditioned and groomed like so much cattle to open their little hearts and minds to molestation and worse. 

All we do we must do in love, but we must not let these forced intrusions upon our children continue
I have always known this was going to be one of the final battles against the church. Know where you stand. Avoid the ugly pastors and churches who spew hatred toward people. But do not cower or compromise on these issues. More is at stake than you know.


Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for our podcast, Extreme Times: Truth In The Shadowlands; we are up to 54 and I am grateful for renewed strength and encouragement to do these.

It is almost July, and I am coming close to the July deadline for finishing Devil Hunter

[From James: Diary of a Devil-Hunter is a book, a documentary exposing the truth of Satanic Ritual Abuse (S.R.A.) and the existence of a networked Satanic presence in this nation (and around the world) that is most certainly not urban legend or 'Satanic Panic'.]

Now that it’s being fine-tuned, the reality of it is hitting hard. This is not a feel-good, fluffy, happy-ending book. It is brutal and raw, and although Jesus is woven into the entire manuscript, I am not unaware of how jarring this book is. 
But it must be done. 
The real story must be told, for the sake of truth, history, and all those who are no longer here but fought alongside us in our battle to resist the satanic/occult tsunami that hit our country. Continued prayers, please!

I am deeply thankful for all of your continued prayers and support. God bless you and keep you safe and strong. Maranatha!

In His Grace,

Greg Reid

YouthFire Ministries

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