Monday, May 29, 2017


This is not intended to be a dogmatic check-list on how church must be done, based upon my own personal preferences, but rather, upon what honors God and His Word which reveals how things should be done: “… decently and in order …” (1 COR 14:40). 

As we consider all the aspects of the church gathering, and all that this entails, we quickly realize we must talk about how we greet one another, conduct in the sanctuary, the ministry of worshiping the LORD, the ministry of the Word at the pulpit, in Sunday School, youth ministry, etc. And many other things besides.
As we are living in the last days and the apostasy is growing exponentially, we are witnessing a diminishing respect for the Word of God, and even – dare I say – for God Himself. And sadly, it shows in our congregations today! Yet God exalts His Word even above His own Name (And His Name is utterly Holy! See PSALM 138:2)! If the LORD God esteems His Word that much, who are we to ignore or disrespect it?!