Sunday, July 3, 2016

PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE - The Dichotomy in Our Society

We have all heard the saying before, mostly as an excuse not to attend church, or make a commitment to Christ: "There are too many hypocrites in the church."

Charles Spurgeon was once told that by a visitor to his church, and he replied by saying,

"Come join the church anyway, what's one more hypocrite going to matter!"

The fact is that we all have a tendency towards hypocrisy to one degree or another; it's a part of the Human condition. All of us are tempted and even succumb to the lure of putting on an act so that people will believe better about us than we actually are.

In fact, the very word hypocrite is from the Greek word 'hippocrites' which means 'actor'.

There are many professing Christians today who claim to believe the Bible, adhering intellectually to its doctrines, and seem to follow Jesus - they know all the 'Christianese' phrases and words. And yet upon close examination, their lives are a poor reflection of what the LORD intends for His saints.