Thursday, March 7, 2013

PRODIGAL SONS - Part 2 of 2

We have two sons in this story of the prodigal son (singular) and it is my contention that in a very real sense, there were actually two prodigal sons. The younger son made the bold and unwise decision to leave his father, his family and the blessed life in which perpetual relationship, not merely provisional riches were forsaken.

The elder brother is the focus on the second half of this article.

To any that would observe this young man, he was doing everything right. He, compared to his younger brother, exhibited nothing but commendable behavior and was no doubt, readily received by family and friends (and presumably by the LORD Himself) as an honorable man.

Yet just as the Word tells us that man looks upon the outward, the LORD looks upon the heart (1 SAM 16:7); no one really knows the human heart (not even The Shadow!) as our LORD knows the human heart and all of its ways (JER 11:20;17:9-10).