Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Are you feeling discouraged of late? Depressed? Disillusioned with life? Maybe you've suffered a sharp and deeply painful loss; the death of a loved one, the dark struggles of addiction, the broken-heartedness of an unfaithful spouse or a divorce? A besetting sin that plagues you?

I would like to try and encourage you. Would you allow me a few minutes and bring to your remembrance some truths from God's Holy Word?

As one who is a child of God, one who has repented of their sinful life, and turned your life over to God, YOU child of God are now HIS responsibility, and He is the LORD: He is able to do all things for us! He is able to answer prayers beyond what we ask or even THINK (EPH 3:20)!
Remember, The LORD GOD LOVES YOU! How much so? Think about this, I mean, really sit still and ponder this powerful truth:

Saturday, January 1, 2011



by James Fire written in 1986, updated 2011

My sin is ever before me;
I've become so blind, I can see
nothing but darkness that mars my soul.
My heart cries to be free and whole.

What has corrupted me and so cast me down?
My heart is withered, eyes are dim, I wear a frown.

How vile my old nature is, how wicked its way;
to turn against the LORD and Him betray!
Yet the fault is mine; the scripture holds true!
Be not deceived, God is not mocked;
beware what you do.

They that sow to the flesh shall of the same reap death;
They that sow to the Spirit, breathe the Everlasting Breath!

I cling to the LORD's mercy and I pray:
grant me strength to walk true, and not to stray,
 to resist the wiles of my enemy,
submit to LORD Jesus and Him only obey!

To Calvary I come, kneel and trust in Him;
Yet daily I must walk this way and deny my sin.
To be a true disciple, I must myself deny,
Pick up my cross, follow Him and then die!
to the old, vile nature so wicked and ugly;
and grow to become a saint of purity!

I can of myself do nothing wholly true:
Yet as a cripple, I may lean upon You!
For you are my shelter and Strong Tower!
Through Jesus Christ risen, I have the power,

to die daily and conform to His image,
walk from the old to the new,
bringing glory only to You,
and then to burn the bridge.

Dedicated to the Alpha and Omega of my faith: the LORD Jesus Christ!

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