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By David Fiorenza
The majority following events occured in the time frame of 1983 – 1984

We now pick up where we left off in this testimony. David was experiencing a dramatic increase in paranormal activity in his apartment, and he was bewildered as to what to do about it. Someone at work suggested that he call the Syracuse University Paranormal Department and see if they could help him. Around that same time is when he met this woman named Pat who was "sensitive to the spiritual realm".

She was at a friend’s house when I came over to kill some time that day. She was sitting at the table not saying anything; she just sat and watched me as I talked. I never once mentioned anything that I was going through, but after a while she told me that she knows that I have a problem where I live. I didn’t believe she knew; how could she?

I tested her by asking what color the kitchen was. She said that it was blue . . . over yellow . . . over brown. She nailed it! I asked her about the rug patterns in the parlor. Once again, she nailed it: they were triangular shapes of carpet I got from my work place when they installed new carpet. I placed them in each corner of the room, creating a diamond shape in the middle.

I suppose it might have been possible for her to know the color of the kitchen if she’d been there one time, but how would she know the color I had painted it, or the pattern and color of the carpet I had only recently placed in the parlor?

She told me she was sensitive to the spirit world and she knew that I had a problem in my apartment. She wanted to come over and check the place out. I told her that I contacted S.U. Paranormal Dept. and that I set up an appointment for them to come over and see if they could figure out what was going on. She said she wanted to be there when they arrived.

But then she had another idea; she wanted to come by that night and see if she could gain any intuition about the place. I agreed, and we got into my car and drove off. I decided to test her some more, and so as I drew near to Helen Street, I intentionally drove passed it. Immediately she turned to me and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was bringing her to my place. She said that my place was back there, on Helen Street, you’ve just passed it.
I pretended I passed it by accident, turned around, and headed back. I turned onto my street, and drove passed my house as another test. She turned to me again and insisted on knowing what I thought I was doing. I gave her the same answer as before.
Your house is back there on the corner, now let’s stop playing games here, this is serious business. I guess her psychic abilities were real after all!

When she came into the place, she confirmed that there was definitely a hostile presence in the apartment, a very powerful, hostile presence. But we waited to see what the S.U. team would come up with and if they could help me out in any way.

The group showed up with all of their equipment and all their gadgets. They explained what each of these was and what it did. After they got all their readings they told me that I had a very angry evil spirit in my place. I also noticed that Pat stayed away from these people. They said there was nothing they could do for me, but suggested that I contact a Roman Catholic priest to come over and bless the house, so that’s what I did.

I made an appointment to talk with the senior pastor and went to the church; I attended St. Peter’s Catholic Church on James Street. He told me that they could not help me; I was very surprised at his answer! All I wanted was for him to bless the house, but he refused. So much for the Roman Catholic Church!

I told Pat what the priest said, and she replied that she wasn’t surprised at all. She told me that she could ‘clean’ the apartment (another way of saying that she could cast out this evil spirit). We set a date when she would come over to ‘clean’ my place.

When the day came, because she didn’t drive, I drove over to my friend’s house, where I first met Pat. The daughters of my friend wanted to come with us, so we let them. When we arrived and entered the house, Pat told the girls to stay downstairs and play with the dogs.

Pat and I entered the apartment. We started with the first bedroom to the left of the front door. She went in and placed some holy water she had in the corners of the room. She then put a drop in the middle of the room and then went on to the next room, repeating the ritual for all three bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen and then the parlor. Before she did the parlor, she went to the first room again and anointed the door, then made the sign of the cross with the holy water, sealing the room and making it ‘clean’.

She did the same for each room in order. She then went through the whole ritual in the parlor and the front door, sealing it behind us. The girls were at the bottom of the stairs with the dogs. I called Coaster, the dog that would come upstairs and play, but once again he didn’t even put his paw on the bottom step. He just looked up at us, and then growled and both of the dogs ran into the downstairs apartment.
I asked Pat why they did that, and she told me that the spirit was on the landing with us and the dogs sensed that.

I dropped off the two girls and drove over to Pat’s place. She told me to come in because she wanted me to meet her Aunt. She would come to Pat periodically to visit her. She failed to mention that her Aunt had died eight years ago!

There was a small nightlight on in the kitchen, but no lights on in the parlor. Pat told me that her Aunt was talking about me and she was coming over tonight to discuss my situation. Pat had a cat, and this cat was going from one window to another window in a very agitated manner; it was clawing at the windows like there was someone . . . or some thing outside.

As I was sitting there in the semi-dark parlor I heard a scream or a howl-like noise outside. The cat was growling and clawing at the back window. This was a scream like I’ve never heard before: ‘not human’ is the only way to explain this sound. Not human, not animal. Pat told me that this was the spirit she removed from my apartment. It was outside and it wanted me, badly. Yet it couldn’t enter her house because she was protected and wherever she was and whoever was with her was protected as well. I think she said that it was her Aunt that protected her.

I had no idea what that meant; she told me that her Aunt was on her way, and she said that I would let her know when her Aunt would arrive! I wasn’t sure what she meant by that either, but after a few minutes I thought I saw a glow of light begin to appear at the other end of the room. The glow got a little brighter but there was no human shape to it. It appeared to be about seven feet tall. It floated passed me and over to Pat. I then informed her that her Aunt had shown up. I admit, I was afraid and I didn’t dare turn around.

As I sat there, I heard Pat talking, but nothing else, no other voice at all. I was hearing half of a conversation: Pat would talk, her Aunt would reply, but only Pat could hear her. After about five minutes Pat said that her Aunt liked me and that she would protect me from harm. This light moved to the back of my chair as Pat informed me that her Aunt was leaving then, but that I had nothing to worry about because she would keep me safe from harm. When she, this Light that was Pat’s Aunt left, she floated directly across and through my legs and straight through the wall! I didn’t feel anything when she passed through me. I just sat there for a while and Pat and I talked. Eventually I told her I had to go to work.

I worked the third shift at Syracuse Airport and there was this guy there that didn’t like me and would do anything possible to get me into trouble. Because of the day I had, I was really tired and after I punched in, I went downstairs to the main lobby and sat down for a while. I guess I fell asleep for a few minutes, but just as I opened my eyes, I noticed that this guy was walking towards me, pushing a trash cart. I thought he’d snitch on me and get me into trouble but he only walked passed me as though I wasn’t even there!

The only thing I could figure is that he was blocked somehow from seeing me. I know that this sounds like science fiction or something, but this really happened. After work I went home and everything was quiet and peaceful for a while. I had a chance to talk with my landlord about some of the things that he experienced and he told me some weird stories:

One time, while he was in the basement at night, finishing his laundry, he turned around and was walking towards the stairway when the basement light went out. He said that he stopped, didn’t move an inch. He just stood absolutely still in the darkness, but once the light came back on, he discovered that he was totally turned around, facing the other direction, facing the back of the house! He went upstairs afterwards and didn’t go down to the basement for quite a while.

When we were in the apartment, having some beers, his stove would regularly turn on by itself. He’d get up, get a couple more beers, turn off the stove, and come back and sit down. In moments the stove would light back up. He never thought too much about it until I started having the problems that I was experiencing.

Time passed by, but I can’t say how much time went by before things began happening again. I’d usually go out on Saturday night but this particular night I decided to stay home. Coaster the dog was lying on the floor in front of me while I was sitting on the sofa watching television. Every few minutes he would turn around to look at me and I wondered why he was doing that. Also, if I had to go to the bathroom, he would follow me, and just sit there waiting, and then he would follow me back to the sofa and lay down again . . . almost like he was protecting me. After about a half an hour he got up and went to my bedroom and jumped onto my bed. He kept turning around, looking up into the corner of the ceiling, and began breathing very fast.
I got on the bed and tried to calm him down but he kept breathing fast. He jumped off the bed and rain downstairs and didn’t see him the rest of the night.
I turned on the bedroom light, but after looking around, saw nothing unusual. I turned off the TV in the parlor and then went to bed.

I remember tossing and turning that night. When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt pain in my chest; no, not in my chest so much, but on it. I looked and my chest was all scratched up; very thin scratches, somewhat raised and scabbed over. I also had a scratch across the left side of my face, a huge bruise on my left arm, and four scratches straight down my back, starting from the neck and on down to my tailbone, also welted up and scabbed over! Now I was beginning to feel fear!

Everybody, including my family thought I was crazy when I would tell them what was happening in my apartment, but after seeing the scratches and the black and blue mark in my arm (tennis ball sized), they began to believe me. My Mom told me to get out of that place! However, even though I was feeling fearful, I went back the next day after work.

Sunday night at Syracuse Airport, I was talking to one of the police officers while working and she was telling me about a dream she had Saturday night. She saw two white (ghostly) objects hovering over my bed. One was holding me and the other was trying to kill me. Then I showed her my scratches and she almost passed out. She pled with me to get out of that house; she feared for my life.

But I went back for one more day, and felt very, very uneasy while I was there. I left that place, and everything I owned after Monday. I never went back. Instead I moved into my parent’s house for a time (about two weeks), when I heard that there was a small Psychic Fair going on. I decided to go and see if any one could shed some light on what was happening to me. Before I left the house, I prepared myself – I didn’t want to think about anything that happened to me; just about things like fishing, and hunting, anything but the truth of my situation.

When I entered the Psychic Fair, I remember saying hello to a blond haired woman sitting at a table by the door. She said hello in return, and I went inside.

I walked around for about fifteen minutes or so, watched people read tea leaves and tarot cards, hold hands, and other paranormal things, but no one approached me, it seemed nobody felt like anything was wrong. So, I decided to leave. As I was going, disappointed because no one could help me, the lady I had said hello to on the way in, stopped me and said something that troubled and perplexed me:

"Listen, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but you have to get close to God, and you have to get close to God, NOW!"

The way she emphasized the word ‘NOW’ impressed me. I thanked her and left, thinking ‘Wow, what does she mean by that? Get close to God, what is that supposed to mean?’ I was puzzled. I went home and told my Mom and my sister what she said, and they also were mystified as to what that meant after all.

My sister then told me about a Retreat at St. Paul’s Church in Binghamton, N.Y. which is about seventy five to eighty miles south of Syracuse. She called to see if they could fit me in, and they said that some times people cancel at the last minute. Tell him (me) to just go and see what happens when I get there. So, that’s what I did; I sort of broke some speed limits driving down there. I remember coming up over this hill and seeing a cop in the median with his radar gun on the dashboard. The speed limit was 55, but I was doing 75. I thought for sure I was going to get a ticket, but a miracle happened. The cop never turned his head! It’s like he never saw me! I flew passed him and kept going.

I arrived at the church; there was just one opening left. I checked in and found my room and then headed for the meeting room. There were two elderly ladies there, one was sewing and the other was reading her Bible. They asked me what was it that brought me there, so I gave them the short version of my life, to date.

They looked at each other. Then they stood up and came over to me, laid hands on me and began to pray in a language I’d never heard before. It wasn’t Polish, or Italian, or anything I could identify. I just sat there and let them pray.

I remember starting to feel warm, starting at the top of my head where her hand was, and slowly overtaking my entire body. I passed out without knowing it, and when I awoke, I opened my eyes and they were back in their chairs, sewing and reading once more. I wondered if what happened was real. I felt so unbelievably comfortable and at peace. I started to get up and couldn’t move my legs. They told me to just sit there and let the Holy Spirit work in me. What did she say? What does that mean?

She said, Just relax and let Him do His work, and anyways you won’t be able to move your legs, and they can’t hold you up right now. I thought she might just be loony, so I tried to stand up. She was right. I sat there for a little while and then finally I could get up. I told them that I was off to bed, and that I would need to set my alarm and rest up for tomorrow.

They said, We don’t need alarm clocks around here because the Holy Spirit will wake us up when He wants us up! I looked at them both like they were crazy!

I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m. I woke up at 6:25. I just sat there looking at that clock. I was so wide awake and alert that it felt like I had slept for a week! It was all just a little weird.

The program was set up to bring things out that we kept hidden, not letting any one know how and why we feel like we do. I was quiet for most of the day, and didn’t share much. The counselors got together during break times and prayed for me. I was not letting anybody in. For thirty eight years I existed in two worlds: one real, the other imaginary. I was scared to let people know who I really was. The leaders thought it was not working for me. I was retreating to my safe place where nobody could hurt me or know me.

In my world, no one could hurt me or laugh at me, or control me. In my world I was safe and nobody was going to change that!
Later on in the evening it was time for chapel. In the chapel there were no chairs or pews, just big throw pillows and bean bag chairs all over the place. The teacher came in and began to teach while I was in the corner. He began to teach about Jesus. He taught about a Jesus that I never knew existed. He taught about love and forgiveness.

Jesus loved me! ME! Jesus would forgive me for every evil, dirty, shameful, disgusting thing that I did. At that Retreat, I heard about a Jesus Who was real, alive, compassionate and forgiving.
The more I listened, the more I realized that he was talking directly to me. To me, about me.

I began to cry. I couldn’t stop.
He asked if anybody wanted to be forgiven, wanted to know Jesus personally, to finally know the real Jesus as my own Savior and Friend. Nobody went forward. I was hesitating, but it felt like something was saying, Get up! Move! Do this! Answer the call!

So I stood up and went over there – knelt down – said some words and within seconds I became saved by His blood!Finally, after all that stuff I went through, after calling on God in that bar, I was finally free. I was at peace! And after everyone went to sleep, I went to the basement where they had sofas and a place to hang out. I didn’t even turn on the light. I sat in the dark in perfect peace!
I was transformed again, but now as a believer of Jesus Christ!

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusted in Thee." Isaiah 26:3.


And so ends this testimony, but this story is far from over; David is still a believer in the LORD Jesus Christ today after years of walking with Him; I myself am a witness to this and readily attest to the fact that David has been a tremendous encouragement to me, a stalwart and faithful brother and friend, and one who is valiant and bold on behalf of the Truth of God's Word and of the LORD Jesus Christ.

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