Monday, September 7, 2009

A Poem - "HEARKEN"


Hearken to my words, ye rebels of the LORD,
You rage against your Maker in strife and discord.
You rend the earth in battle with blood upon your sword,
The riches of Satan's kingdom, you do lust to horde.

Listen to my cry, ye traitors of the KING:
You've followed after sin and felt its deadly sting.
Satan is your chosen master and to hell he shall bring:
Your immortal souls, in the flames writhing.

Hearken to my words ye transgressors of His Law:
Who of you is innocent, holy, without flaw?
Your hearts are wholly wicked, just as He foresaw.
You're trapped and snared beneath Satan's crushing claw!

Listen to my cry, ye traitors of the King:
You are wretched, poor, pathetic things.
Helpless upon your feet to trod the living road,
enter into heaven, and there make your abode.

Hearken to my words, ye hopelessly lost:
Are you fearful of hellfire, and there be tossed?
There is a way of escape, a means to meet the cost.
For the Son of God Himself has come, to save the lost!

Take heed His Word, ye tired and heavy laden.
Born into this world was He, and in a manger laid in.
He lived pure and holy and within there dwelt no sin,
A Lamb to be slain was He, that we might enter in!

He healed the sick and uplifted the lame,
gave His Holy Spirit; souls were never the same.
He lived a life of purity, in His heart there was no shame.
He came to purchase salvation; for our sins, to take the blame.

Ravaged by the horror of death, He hung upon the cross.
Tormented for six long hours, He suffered all our loss.
The gates of hell, the sins of all men, came down upon His heart:
He cried to the Father, and His Spirit did depart.

He slept in the earth for three days, and then He rose anew!
He destroyed the powers of sin and death, for the sake of you!
He'll show you His Almighty love shining: a heavenly hue!
Healing your blind eyes, He grants a glorious kingdom view!

God Himself shall enter your heart and make within His home.
He'll lift you to heavenly places, you'll never need to roam.
He'll make in you a new creation, a wonderful, beautiful poem.
Look upon your LORD Jesus; seek New Jerusalem, your home.

Rejoice in the LORD always, ye citizens of heaven above!
For one day He shall return! We'll take to flight like a dove!
We'll see His Holy face, and be made like Him in perfect love!
And through agape, His children shall be drawn skyward above!

Praise the name of God, for He alone is worthy of our praise!
Let His bride be standing ready, shining forth in these last days!
He'll speak forth His Word, and the universe shall pass away!
Before the eyes of His beloved, a new world shall He lay!

Come unto the LORD and glorify His blessed Name eternally!
You will be filled with love, joy and peace, radiating fervantly!
Throughout the millennia, the glory and the power of God we shall see!
Forever through the ages we'll be one in love for all eternity!

dedicated to the KING of Kings, the LORD Jesus Christ

by James Fire - 1984