Saturday, September 19, 2009

A CALL TO ANGUISH by David Wilkerson and an AMEN From me

Hello Beloved Saints of the LORD,

I've received this message from a sister at the church where I fellowship; it was a composite message from a 5 part series by pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square Church in New York City (all 5 segments are included here-see below).

This message has so struck me, struck me so deeply, that as soon as I finish this posting, I'm going to retreat to my room and get down on my knees and seek God with all my heart concerning the state of our nation, the state of our church, the condition of the hearts of believers, especially the young believers who are falling by the way side, abandoning the faith because of the indoctrination of godless university professors that denounce the Bible.

Pastor Dave has spoken of "a call to anguish", and I have heard that call.

I desire to answer that call, and there is only one place I can go to deliver that answer:

To the very throne of God Almighty, the Holy One of Israel. I don't know what will happen as a result, I don't know what the LORD will speak to me. I only know that I want to share in God's heart, and to know the agony that's there over the condition of His body, the church; the compromise and the sin that's afflicting it.

I want to spend that time in God's presence and to see this nation as He sees it, no matter what it may cost me. I want to renew my commitment to intercessory prayer, and labor intensely in this work, and persist until I see a crack in the satanic walls that circumferences our nation; those satanic forces that have pushed and pushed against the church, goading it to deeper and deeper forms of compromise and sin.

I am going into prayer with the purpose of sharing God's heart, and with the intent to make a difference in the lives of my precious brothers and sisters in the LORD, and this nation that I love so much.

After hearing this message, its my heart felt prayer that you will join me there, in the spirit, at the throne of God: shoulder to shoulder - co-laborers in this agonizing ministry of intercessory prayer. Or perhaps it will be myself, joining you who are already there! I'm sure that must be the case . . .

Its far past the time when the church, with one heart and one soul, the saints of the LORD Jesus Christ should have declared war against Satan and his principalities and powers, and we have lost time to make up for. This is an engagement of war! Suit up your armor!

Let's get before God: one on One - in our prayer closets.

Let us see what God desires us to see: what will bless His Holy heart, and rain down a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit - - a bride that yearns to return to her First love, that yearns to be spiritually chaste and holy; walking in the righteousness of Christ and trembling at His Word; a bride that refuses to compromise with the world, refuses to tolerate spiritual impurity in the pews or leaven-rotted sermons in the pulpits of our churches.

A Church that doesn't shy away from declaring the Truth of God's Holy Word and His everlasting Gospel!

Here is pastor Dave's white-hot, God breathed message: may it break all of your hearts as it has broken mine. Amen.

Here is the full message, unedited:

A CALL TO ANGUISH - Full Sermon: 56:02 minutes

For a composite message, watch this:

BRAVEHEARTED THOUGHTS: A Call To Angusih - 7:24 mins

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