Sunday, February 15, 2009



Its been a lil while indeed since I wrote an entry, but something's been brewing in my heart that I've wanted to communicate.
Then I read Greg Reid's blog ( ) entry and discovered that he's said what I wanted to, but much more better.
I've asked him before if I could use his material in my own blogs and he said he'd be honored (well, that's how I feel having his writing in my blog!).

Any way, here is his entry in the link below; click, read, ponder and then pray what the LORD God would have you do as a result.

Remember, if all you are led to is intercessory prayer for this matter it's NO SMALL DEAL! Its vital that the saints of the LORD Jesus Christ raise up a thunderous, resounding appeal to our heavenly Abba.

If ever there is a time for the saints to get serious about the LORD, His Word, the church and the world today here in America and around the globe, IT... IS... NOW!!!

Bronze Shields <~~~~~~~~~~~~ click here and he who has ears to hear, let him hear!