Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another Smoke Signal: QUESTIONS

We all know about questions; we ask them because we lack information, we seek counsel, we want to hear the sort of answers that will reassure us, comfort us, strengthen our security, and for a host of other reasons.
We ask questions because answers don't come readily in life and all too often it seems the universe gives them up grudgingly.
There are some who have grown so tired of asking questions, for want of significant and fulfilling answers, that they boldly declare that "there are no answers!"

Has it ever occurred to you, that nothing has ever occurred to God? God is THE one and only, original "KNOW IT ALL" and to such a Person, questions are superfluous.

Yet God has asked questions in the BIBLE.

He asked Adam, "Where art thou?"

He asked the two angels who accompanied Him on the way to Sodom and Gommorha mm or ha: "Shall I hide from my friend, Abraham that thing which I do?"

He asked Moses at the burning bush, "What is it that you have in your hand?"
He asked one of His disciples where they could get enough bread to feed the multitudes.
Later, He asked Saul why it was that he persecuted Him.
Yet God needn't have asked such questions of these men, and the many questions He did ask others in the scriptures, was for the purpose of drawing attention to something, to lead a person towards a certain point that God wanted them to consider.

Yet the questions that we ask, particularly of people whom we respect spiritually, such as our pastors, elders, and those who have known the LORD for many more years than we have, we ask because we are mystified concerning God and His ways. Indeed, doesn't the WORD itself say that His ways "are past finding out"? For as the heavens are above the earth, so are His thoughts above our own.

He is infinite, and we are finite. He exists outside of space and time while we dwell within these restraints and have done so ever since our conception. And while we are in this world, we see things spiritual as in a glass darkly, but once we "shuck off this mortal coil" as Hamlet said, we step out of finite time and space, and shall see our LORD face to face; on that Day we shall know (the LORD) even as we are known (by Him). See 1 Cor. 13:12.

Once we are with Him, in the fullness of the glory of God's kingdom, all questions will vanish away like smoke in a gale force wind, they shall be consumed like paper in an inferno, they shall melt like snow on a furnace.

Basking in the very presence of God we will no longer have the itch, or sometimes the torture, of unanswered questions.

And yet while on this earth, during this life, questions arise, and it is right that they do so! For it is not only important to ask questions, but also to know the reason why we ask them; in order to obtain the right answers we must ask the right questions.

I'm so well reminded of my own personal encounter with the LORD, my spiritual experience of being born again in Christ. My testimony is on this BLOG for any to read who care to do so (entitled, "CAN I GET A WITNESS").

It was during this time in my 'B.C.' days, that I asked many questions that none had answers (to my satisfaction) to. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What significance will there be to my life? What will happen to me after I die? What is the plan that God has for me? How can I be assured that when I face Him, I will be granted access to heaven, and His Divine approval? And the big whammy of a question: How can I become righteous in the eyes of God??

Do you have someone that you know who is not yet saved? Do they shun and even ridicule the answers that you seek to provide for them? It behooves the saint to pray, and ask the LORD to 'plague' the minds of the lost with QUESTIONS. For its in these that the Holy Spirit can begin to do His work. Yet as an effective beginning as this may be, the primary school master that teaches the sinner of their need of a Savior has been, and always will be the Law of God.

Questions have answers, and its in answers that we discover truth, and those of us who know the LORD Jesus Christ, know in fact that He is the Living Embodiment of Truth, He is Truth made flesh.
Ultimately any question worth asking regarding this life will inevitably find its answer in the Person of Jesus Christ, the LORD of all.


daisyincicero said...

1.The man of the century said  "Question Everything"  [Al Einestein}

2.The  Word tell us to also question everything [God}

3.The  Bereans also  questioned everything searching  the scriptures daily

4.The  sign of a good teacher is one who tells you dont just  believe everything I say
check it out in scripture

5.God says ask seek knock    
with your questions    

6.Questions are basic to knowing others and learning, growing in wisdom, and knowledge  

7.Questions are not just  thing about life
but getting to know other s    
becoming  aquainted with them, to have relationships, to pray, to interceed, to learn from other and grow in life .

8.Questioning  is vital to life

One of my favorite movies "On a clear day you can see forever"  
comes this quote  ...  [Yves Montand}
"I used to be so fond of  answers    
but now i am equally as fond of the questions "  

9. This is what happen when one is in love    
questions and answers are both so rewarding and exciting.

10,Questions are a basic life function

Love Daisy

James J. Fire said...


Those are UNQUESTIONABLY good points!!! ; )